Some cautions first!

  • you have to add the Embroidery Fee to your order and put the quantity to cover all items

  • be sure to check on the Spec Sheet for sizing because items cannot be returned after being embroidered

  • check your shopping cart at the end and make sure

    • items and quantities are what you wanted

    • colors selected are correct

    • sizes are correct

    • you have included the correct quantity of Embroidery Fees so all items will get the logo


Double check that the mailing address you enter is correct


Now the link to the website where you can make your purchases:


We are very excited to announce that the Seattle Jaguar Club has selected Sound Apparel LLC to provide logo embroidered shirts and jackets.   They have customized a website just for our members.  This website will be open for selected periods throughout the year and then the site will close so that all the orders can be purchased, embroidered and mailed directly to you.


The next open period will be February 1 - 28, 2022.

Arnold Cua - jacket.JPG
Kurt - shirt.JPG

If you have questions about any item on the website contact our vendor, Tom Grantham  360.280.4050  tom@soundapparel.com

If you have any questions or feedback on this program please contact Brian & Sharon Case at sbcase253@hotmail.com or call Sharon at 206.931.7795.


The link to the site is below.

Logo Embroidered


Bob Kurt Brian.JPG
Kent Wiken - hat.JPG
Ehab and Samah - sweatshirts.JPG