The Seattle Jaguar Club Photo Gallery is located on the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) website.   See samples below of drives and events that you will find in our Gallery.  Click on button to the right to link to our Photo Gallery and then scroll down a little.  And if you open the photos, you can read some verbiage at the bottom.

On April 9 2022 the club met at the LeMay Collection at Marymount for a tour.  The LeMay Collection is amazing!  I didn't expect to see that many cars in one place.  And they had more than just cars.  I am not a musuem person but I would actually like to go back and read all the placards!  They had some interesting stuff! 


On March 26, 2022 the club got to tour BritSport of Seattle.   Mark Jones is the proprietor and a member of our club.   It was a great opportunity to walk around his premier Repair and Restoration facility and see what projects he is working on.  Mark made himself available to answer questions from all members.

On March 20, 2022 we had one of our roving dinners.   This one was held at AL LAGO Ristorante Italiano in Lake Tapps.   Only 10 members came this time but it made for a nice intimate dinner where we could all sit at one table and have intimate conversations.   It was a nice opportunity to really get to know some of the members a little better!   And the food was great! 


On March 12, 2022 we had a St Patrick's Drive organized by our VP of Activities, Kent Wiken.   Everyone met in Port Gamble and we drove down along the Hood Canal.  We had one stop at a Hood Canal Visitor Center.   We saw very little traffic so the group of Jaguars were able to stay together over the whole drive.   Nice!   The drive ended in Gig Harbor at Dunagan's Irish Pub & Brewery.   Food was great and we met a nice couple driving an S-Type.  They heard about all the great events that we have and signed up as members in the club.   That is Ian Mcfall and Marjorie Brazier.   You will see their pictures at the next event.  They joined us on the LeMay Collection tour.  Photos coming soon!

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On February 20th, 2022 Thomas Swayze and Richard Scott opened their home to the Seattle Jaguar club.   We were treated with a display of Tom's very large collection of vehicles.   Mostly Jaguars, but a couple of Rolls and a Model A were thrown into the mix.  It was such an opportunity to see these vehicles up close, with the owner giving us lots of details about them. We could ask questions and inspect the vehicles inside and out!  Tom and Richard were the most thoughtful hosts!!  We can't thank Tom enough for sharing his collection with us!

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2022Feb05 we had a Valentine Sweetheart Drive that started with a tour at the chocolate factory, Boehm's Chocolate Candies.  We got to stroll around the historic town of Issaquah and ended with dinner at Calcutta Grill at the Newcastle Golf Club.  There we played a game trying to guess how couples met and where they went on their first date!


2022Jan23 the Seattle Jaguar Club met for a tour of the Capitol in Olympia, followed by dinner at Mercato.  The Capitol building was really a great tour.   The architecture is amazing, including Tiffany lamps.


2022Jan08 the Annual General Meeting was held at LeMay-America's Car Museum.   The event included four iconic jaguars belonging to club members with those members having a panel discussion that was livestreamed by LeMay.  The vehicles were an XJ220 belonging to Richard Desimone, Project 8 belonging to Tony Grayson, Lynx D-Type replica belonging to Art Foley and an XK120 belonging to Ehab Sahawneh.  The event was sold out.

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