From the president. A report on the Western Washington All British Field Meet

I have noticed the popularity of crossovers in the automotive world. Not just the market leading utility-type vehicle on an automotive platform, but in the crossover events among the automotive marque clubs. The Western Washington All British Field Meet is an increasingly successful crossover event, with all British cars and motorcycles welcome. The current venue is Saint Edward Park in Kenmore. Although many of our members exhibit their cars, volunteer or just attend the popular July car show, most do not realize that Jaguar Drivers & Restorers Club is an investor in the event. I only recently became aware of this. JDRC is one of its early directors and was a member of the club. According to the WWABFM website.

The Western Washington All British Field Meet LLC was formed in 2015 to take the reins from the Puget Sound British Automotive Association (the former group in charge of the ABFM) and function as a corporate umbrella for the Western Washington All British Field Meet. The WWABFM LLC is made up of Directors representing the interests of six (6) of the region’s British Automobile Clubs: Cascade Austin Healey Car Club Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NW America MG Car Club Northwest Centre Morris Minor Owners Association Pacific Coast Rover Club Tyee Triumph Club

Our objective is to build on the superlative work and effort of the show’s founders and history of organizers, and ensure their legacy and efforts remain unbroken. While maintaining that tradition, we are actively working towards enriching your ABFM experience so it is carried on.

Currently WWABFM is contemplating the pros and cons of being an LLC or a non-profit club, like JDRC. Due to the very hard year-round work of a cadre of volunteers, the All British Field Meet is in the position to show a surplus, so the Jaguar’s 2015 investment of $1,000 appears quite sound.

Another crossover opportunity with is the planned April 14, 2018 trip to the Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum in McMinnville OR with a side trip to Astoria. The Portland Section of the Mercedes Benz Club of North America approached us to join with them for an event or two. We hope to have another successful cross-border get together event with British Columbia’s Canadian XK Jaguar Register Heritage & Classic MG Club. Finally, it appears that we will have a tech session and shop tour at BritSport of Seattle in January in conjunction with the Cascade Austin Healey Car Club.

We are always looking for opportunities to share our interest in Jaguars, cars in general, cultural opportunities, food, beverages and good times with each other. Please let me or any of the officers if you have an idea you would like our help in pursuing.

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