Are we there yet? - Part 1

A couple years ago our Jaguar club was still purring along with plenty of traditional events and opportunities for members to have fun and learn about Jaguars specifically and cars generally. But the Board members were aware that our systems were becoming as ineffective as glazed drum break shoes that the world of cars and Jaguars was changing around us. Our membership database was an old hand-me-down Excel spreadsheet that was resident on the most recent membership chair’s computer, inaccessible to any other board members. Our name badge vendor’s engraving machine broke down, so new members weren’t getting badges. The website worked pretty well if the member posting to it remembered how to do it, but it did not reflect the kind of image that would appeal to buyers of newer Jaguars who were interested in our club. We abandoned our slalom years ago as participation dwindled, yet there was evidence that the younger owners of newer Jaguars wanted to use their car’s performance. And we not providing enough opportunities to get more members involved in creating a great club experience and provide leadership succession. Under the coaching and facilitation of then-Treasurer Rob Roe, the Board agreed on the elements of a “desired future state” for the club and started working on the tasks necessary to get there. Are we there yet? No, but we have covered lots of ground. For instance, after prior Membership Chairs Rosemarie Young and Dennis Flynn struggled with our outdated database and procedures, Bob Book jumped in to help by finding a car club-specific, cloud-based management and communications platform transferred our information to the new platform. Soon the password-protected membership roster will be available online to paid-up members only. Then all members will get new name tags. We made more progress after Michael Watts and Joey Manley drove their brand-new F-Pace onto our Jaguars on the Green concours, liked the club and volunteered to build a new web page on a new platform and redesigned JagMag to match, which should be launched with the January 2018 issue. They will spearhead an active social media presence, which will be part of our outreach to younger buyers of newer Jaguars. Right now, the magazine and website are still being developed and our first attempts with the content will be imperfect. But hang with us as we get up to speed. Last summer we held our first JCNA-sanctioned slalom in more than a decade, at Emerald Downs, thanks to the hard work of Steve Christensen, Bob and Tanya Book and Ray Papineau. It was quite successful and attracted a great mix of old and new members and Jaguars, from XJS to F-Type SVR with a vintage Mustang and modified Nissan GTR to spice things up. And the Nominating Committee, under Chair Tanya Book is announcing here in JagMag and elsewhere a great slate of 2018 officers that includes some great new leaders reflecting the restoration interests of the club, as well as the younger, new-Jaguar, performance driving interests. For the complete strategic direction, see “Are we there yet? Part 2,” in this issue. Kurt Jacobson

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