About the Seattle Jaguar Club:

The Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of Northwest America (with new dba Seattle Jaguar Club) welcomes enthusiasts of new and old Jaguar automobiles

Jaguar ownership is not necessary, just a passion for these beautiful cars. There are several events that appeal to a range of enthusiasts including drives, shows, technical sessions.


The club is fun and friendly

Members include both young families and mature members who remember when some of the older cars were new on the road. Cars in the club range from new Jaguar models like the new F-Types and its new SUV the F-Pace to classics such as E-Types from the 1960's and XK models from the 1940's and 1950's.  


Members also receive membership to the offical Jaguar Club of North America (JCNA)


Seattle Jaguar Club P.O. Box 82986, Kenmore, WA 98028

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Newsletter "Jag Mag" Managing Editor Kurt Jacobson

Email us about Jaguar cars/parts you are looking to sell

Seattle Jag Club Board Members (Board@seattlejagclub.org)

President–Paul Petach   President@seattlejagclub.org

Vice President-Activities– Kent Wiken   VP-Activities@seattlejagclub.org

Vice President-Technical–Brian Case    VP-Technical@seattlejagclub.org

Treasurer–John Holmes   Treasurer@seattlejagclub.org

Secretary–Chris Eseman   Secretary@seattlejagclub.org

Trustee-Bob Book   Trustee@seattlejagclub.org

Trustee-Tami Mathisen   Trustee@seattlejagclub.org

Trustee-John Blackburn   Trustee@seattlejagclub.org

Trustee-Douglas Jackson   Trustee@seattlejagclub.org

Past President-Kurt Jacobson

Membership–Bob Book   Membership@seattlejagclub.org

Concours Chair–Joey Manley   Concours@seattlejagclub.org

Chief Judge–Zane Ware   Chief-Judge@seattlejagclub.org

Sunshine Committee Chair-Samah Sous

Webmaster-Michael Watts   Webmaster@seattlejagclub.org

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