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The Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) is dedicated to the wide range of Jaguar motorcars old and new, and the American, Canadian and Mexican enthusiasts who love them.

The mission of Jaguar Heritage Trust is to maintain and promote the permanent preservation of historic archives, artifacts and motor vehicles manufactured and sold by Jaguar Land Rover Ltd and its predecessor companies.  Jaguar Heritage Certificates are now issued by the Jaguar Heritage Trust.  To apply for a Heritage Certificate, goto Archive/Heritage Certificate on their website.

This Wikipedia post gives a brief history of Jaguar production.

This Wikipedia post shows the SS Cars Ltd/Jaguar Cars timeline from the 1930s to present.   Notice that you have to click on “next” at the top to page over to the 1980s-2020s.

Jaguar USA You Tube Channel

This Channel contains videos related to Jaguar Clubs of North American (JCNA), the individual JCNA Clubs and many things Jaguar.

80 Years of Jaguar - 1935 - 1959

80 Years of Jaguar - 1960 - 1996

80 Years of Jaguar - 1997 - 2016

This is about 10 minutes long and discusses the use of synthetic oils in older, classic cars.

Hagerty's guide to winterizing your car, storing it for the winter.

These are tips from on storing your car for the winter.

You will find various videos on the Jaguar Club of North America You Tube Channel.  There are videos for Service Bulletins, one about Jaguar Electrical Systems, one about the Jagaur XJ, one about the S-Type, etc

Older video, only 3 minutes.  Includes some early E-Type testing.

You tube video, 47 minutes long.  Hand built E-Type.

Older video, about 23 minutes, documentary of the history of Jaguar Auto Maker.

You Tube video, A Short History of Jaguar Motor Cars.   Only 8 minutes long.

Jay Leno talks about his original, unrestored E-Type Jaguar.  16 minutes long

What you can do if your S-Type gearshift is stuck in PARK.  1-1/2 minutes long

You Tube video on the top 10 fastest Jaguars ever made.  10 minutes long.

Jaguar S-Type 2003-2008 issue with Climate Control system.

Photography Class presented by Seattle Jaguar Club member Kurt Miyatake.  Focus is on taking better pictures of your Jaguar!  Video is about 1-1/2 hours long.

Judge's School training 2024.04.25
video is approximately 1-1/2 hours long

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